Will It Braai? – Pizza

So when do the girls get here? Dave your back is so rounded Time to get domesticated You’re making this really awkward So today we’re going to be braaiing pizza Bruce, stop flexing Goddamn it, Bruce I’m not flexing Dave Is it true you’re a furry? You’re, like, pretty much- That’s why I grow a beard To look like an animal Dave, you *are* an animal (sexy growling noises) You braai’d a dove? Yeah Why…? Dove How could you braai a dove? Where’d you get a dove from? Wuuut So Dave, do you think this pizza will braai? It’s fucking pizza I mean, it’s not really complicated Don’t grab Are you insulting Italian cuisine for not being complicated? Is it a simp- Is it simple, Dave? Do you think they’re a simple people? ARE YOU BEING RACIST RIGHT NOW??? Now it’s time to make some… pizzas…? This fucking braais, man Pizza burgerrss You go first, bro Tell me what it’s like This does look amazing though Dude I think I want to have a pizza burger baby And then eat it That’s pretty damn good though Are you, like, hamming it up with your eyes there? Just, like, closing them And stuff This is definitely… This is amazing This is definitely a win Is it better than watermelon? Ja Definitely No, but this is, like- This is, like- Pizza 2.0, dude It’s like a calzone But, like, you get a full one Instead of just half It’s amazing We can- We can, like Stop the entire series Okay, I need to have a taste just now Since you’re not cool enough to have a pizza burger Tell us what a normal pizza is like wow Yay/nay? It’s pretty good I think from now on we just need to, like- Meet every Sunday Braai pizza burgers And then we can make a YouTube show out of that Of just us eating pizza burgers Yeaa Every week? Every week. Yeah, every week Just, pizza burgers Rum, coke and pizza burgers, man What’s better in life than this? Sex? Ok, fine If you enjoyed the video, then like the video And if you’d like to see more Then subscribe And we’ll Push some content out some time Aaaaaaaaaaand If you want to suggest something that we braai next time Leave a suggestion in the comments below (sucker punch for racist/furry allegations) AWWW FUUUCK

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