Will It Gravy? Taste Test

– Today we ask the age-old question. – Will it gravy?
– Let’s talk about that. (alarm rings)
(playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning. – In the spirit of Thanksgiving,
we just wanna thank you for making us a part
of your daily routine. – Thank you. – Thanksgiving, it’s a
time for gathering together with loved ones and reflecting
on all the blessings in our life, as well as
drowning massive dinner plates in a goo made from the
drippings of meat flesh. – Yes, and people have
been consuming gravy since ancient times and the term itself is traced back to a 1390
French cooking book. – Hm.
– Yeah, I know things. – Otherwise known as a cook book? – Yeah, I call them a– – [Both] Cooking book. – Today we will do our
best to ruin that legacy by pushing gravy to its outer most limits. It’s time for Will It Gravy? – We’ve got a whole
Thanksgiving spread here in front of us because gravy’s not gravy if it ain’t smothered in something. Which is the way that I love my children. – Okay. Now there are a lot of
different variations on gravy but for our
purposes today we’re defining the basic gravy recipe
as flour plus butter plus juice/drippings, and
that’s where our variations are gonna come from, based
on what the different juices and drippings are that
we’re gonna be working with for culinary experimentation! – When you say juice and drippings, boy that makes me hungry. (both chuckle) All right let’s get started. You do not have to convince
us to make anything pizza-themed and all of a sudden, gravy feels like an obvious choice. We call this gravizza. – [Rhett] Oh, hmm. I see it and it’s got pepperonis on top. – We basically took an
entire greasy pepperoni pizza and metaphorically squeezed its goo out and turned it into gravy,
or more specifically, if you’re interested,
we ground up pepperonis, grinded the pepperoni fat for base, added flour, milk,
mozzarella, Parmesan, garlic, and tomato paste, I’m giving up on that. Whipped it into a thick
and pasty and tasty and peppy pizza gravy. – I want to pour yours and I’ll pour mine. – I want you to pour mine. – I want you to pour
yours and I’ll pour mine. – All right I’m going on
the turkey turkey turkey and I’m gonna prove you wrong. Look at how good I am at pouring gravy. – [Rhett] Well, you know what. – Let me pour yours. I don’t wanna pour yours. I’m exhausted. – Right here on the
turkey, I like that idea. – I’m gonna cut a little
piece of turkey that’s got like a little bit of that skin on it. – Smells like pizza. – How could this not
be the answer to all of the world’s problems? Dink it, sink it. It is so pizza-y. – Mm.
– Great job, Josh. This is some good stuff, man. – Yeah. Yeah, that’s nice. – Wow, very pepperoni forward,
which is not a problem. – You can get pizza nowadays
that’s got Thanksgiving stuff on top of it, and this is the opposite. This is putting pizza on top
of the Thanksgiving stuff. You’re welcome, world.
– You said it, Rhett. And you know what, I totally
agree, man. (chuckles) – [Rhett] Pizza, will it gravy? – [Both] Yes. – Now we’ve all had a
tough day and come home to absolutely pound a sleeve of Oreos. And sometimes I will fill
a beer stein full of ’em, pour milk on it, and
whatever happens happens. So why not take this
sweet to its goopiest, most bingeable form. We call this grookies and gream. – Yes.
– It’s Oreo gravy, specifically, Josh
created a roux by mixing Oreo cookie wafer dust
with butter in a sauce pot, then whisked it in milk and the insides of 68 Double Stuf Oreos. Voila!
– Oh wow. – Oreo goo!
– It’s warm, begging to be poured. You do the honors first. Now what are you gonna put yours on? – I was thinking about pouring
it on the sweet potatoes because they have
marshmallows on them already. – Oh marshmallow topping.
– And that seemed like a good combo.
– Oh yeah. You know what, keep the
fun going on my biscuit. – All right.
– Gravy my biscuit. Yes. Yes. Ooh, it’s a little
warmer than I anticipated on the palm of my hand. Ooh.
– Well, you asked for it. (chuckles) How could this not be good, right? – It smells great. Oreo gravy. Call us, Nabisco. (chuckles) Call us. – I guess we’re–
– Dink it. Mm. Mm. Oh man. – I mean it kinda just tastes like– – Chocolate biscuit.
– Icing. – But the funny thing is is
it has a gravy quality to it. – I don’t think it tastes like icing. It tastes more like pudding. – Yeah but the warmness of it. – Warm pudding. – There’s a slight gelatinous quality too. These are all great things. Usually when you say warm and gelatinous, you don’t think mm. – [Link] It’s very clingy
to anything it touches. Mm. – You sell this right next to Oreo. – Right.
– Or Oreos. – Right.
– Multiple ones. – ‘Cause even if it’s just warm pudding, if you call it Oreo gravy,
it’s gonna fly off the shelves. Right into people’s mouths. – Then we could have
a version where we put Oreo gravy inside of Oreos. Now with Oreo gravy.
(Link chuckles) What’s that, Mom? You’ll buy it either way. Oreo, will it gravy? – [Both] Yes! – Rose all day, baby. That trendy millennial pink
wine is the social lubricant for all awkward bachelorette parties and Instagram-worthy brunches.
– Yeah. – But we’re asking is
that taste as versatile as the strong independent women
who we unfairly call basic? – Oh.
– Let’s see with the rosavy. Look at that. Now this looks the most
gravy-like thus far with just a little hint of pink. – I was gonna say it has a
slight unsettling quality about it, it looks like
something that would come out of a boil. – Oh gosh, Rhett.
(Rhett laughs) – You know what I’m saying? Like it’s a little too pink,
a little too biological. – Smell it. Smells like rose. – Ooh it smells like gravy with wine. – Yeah now where should we put this? You start deciding, I’ll
tell you how we made this. – I’m the decider.
– We reduced two whole bottles of Cupcake Rose to
triple the concentration, then we whisk it into a
mixture of rendered turkey fat and flour, seasoned with
just a pinch of white pepper and onion powder. – I went on the stuffing, or
dressing is what we call it in North Carolina.
– I gotta get rid of this chocolate. – ‘Cause it never was stuffed. It was just dressed.
– Okay. I’ll do that too. I like adding a little
pink hue to my dressing. – But seriously, couldn’t
you see that coming out of a boil? – Stop talking about boils, okay? It’s kinda nasty. – A crawfish boil (chuckles). – This can really work
except for that biological bit that you’ve been on. Dink it, sink it. First of all, it’s very strong tasting. – Josh, what are you
doing for Thanksgiving? – [Josh] Just gonna stay here. What are you guys doing? – We don’t know yet, man. We’ll let you know. – I was about to invite him
if he’s gonna bring this. – It ain’t that good (chuckles). – We’re not having
Thanksgiving together, so. – He can invite you.
– You can come to my house. – I invite you to Rhett’s
house for Thanksgiving. – [Josh] Thank you, I’m excited. – I don’t know I like it,
it feels a little bit wrong. You know what I’m saying? – You know what, it grows on you. – And that’s what Thanksgiving needs is it needs a little bit of wrongness. – It’s growing on me like Josh
coming over for Thanksgiving. Come over to my house for Thanksgiving. – ‘Cause you’re sitting
there with your family and you’re getting along with them, you’re not having any conversations
about political things and no one’s getting in
any arguments at all. Everyone’s getting along like a fairytale, so then you wanna spice it up a little bit so you put some alcohol into the gravy and see how Uncle Doug reacts. – It’s a really good
gimmick if nothing else. And I think for that reason alone, rose, will it gravy? – Yes.
– Yes! – In LA there’s a popular
new agey superfoods store called Moon Juice which as you can imagine is a favorite of Gwyneth Paltrow’s. And at said place they sell
an item called Sex Dust which is described by their website as an adaptogenic blend of lusty
superherbs and Shatavari to combat the effects of stress, to ignite your creative energy, in and out of the bedroom. We’ve made a gravy out of
this lusty superherb dust and we call it 50 shades of gravy.
(both chuckle) – [Link] And it kinda just looks like the exact shade of gravy. – Whoa, it’s got a strong smell to it. You know what, I was thinking
I don’t wanna put this on any of my traditional
Thanksgiving items. I’m just gonna use my edible underwear. – Oh, you’re sure you don’t
wanna just eat it off of mine? – (chuckles) Oh gosh. You gotta warn somebody
when you’re gonna stand up. – Dip it, I’m gonna dip it in the boat. – Uh. If you could remove those, that would be– – Oh I should have removed them a little more slinkily I guess. – Okay. – Okay now that I’ve rubbed
these on the bottom of my shoes. – Just find a, this is the part that goes in the butt crack so I’m just gonna. – The butt crack. Look at that. – Can’t take ’em back now. (both laugh) Oh gosh! Man, right on my frickin’–
– Oh gosh. – I got Sex Dust on my pants! – Dink it. And bite it, I don’t know how we do this. – Oh, oh, that gravy is hor–
(candy clatters) (crew laughing) – Oh it tastes horrible! – What is wrong with that stuff? What are you supposed to put it on? – [Josh] Just mix it
with water and drink it. – It says you can add it to coffee– – You sure it’s not a lotion? – Milk, water, or smoothies. Oh my gosh! – That is absolutely horrible. – Oh, but I am aroused. No way! – Man, I gotta go brush
my teeth before moving on with any other festivities
after putting that in my mouth. – No you don’t, ’cause
it’s only getting worse. Moon Juice Sex Dust, will it gravy? No. Now we’re about to learn
something about hagfish. – Yum. – They are a primordial half eel half fish that have existed for longer
than we can even process and they look like this– – Yum!
– And one of their main defensive techniques
is that when attacked, they excrete an
astonishing amount of thick glue-like slime that chokes
and kills their attacker. Rhett, you’ve got some of it right there and it’s not toxic, you
just don’t wanna touch it with your hand. – [Rhett] That’s the slime. – Its mysteries are
currently being studied by biologists and Rhett and today, we’re gonna eat it. (Rhett sighs) We’ve transformed into
what we call gray-vomit. – It smells so bad. Man I wish you had smell-o-vision. – Okay this stuff is sometimes
used in Korean cuisine but true story, one time
a truck full of hagfish fell over on an Oregon
highway and the slime disintegrated a Toyota Prius. (Rhett chuckles) There it is! – [Rhett] Well let’s eat some! How about that? – And according to Josh’s notes, he took a locally caught hagfish
named Haggie Gyllenhaal– (crew chuckles) And boiled it into a slimy hagfish stock, whisked it with just
a touch of corn starch and he invited us to add
dollops of the slime on top. So get to pouring. Wow. It looks like a poxy. – See, you don’t even know it’s there. – It’s gonna glue our innards. – I think it’s gonna make
everything slide right out. – Oh gosh.
– Okay but– – Add the slime. – As instructed, we
each get our own dollop of straight slime.
(Link coughs) (Rhett groans) – I’m seeing stars. When I think I’m gonna faint. – Oh I gave myself the big, dark slime. – [Link] Dollop! – Oh gosh!
– Oh gosh. – There are times when I already know the answer to will it gravy. – [Link] That piece is uncutable, I mean– – Maybe we just swallow it real fast. – I’m gonna put this in my mouth
and I’m gonna slam it down. I’m gonna slam it down
like those Oreo sleeves. – That’s a recipe for a
giant projectile vomit onto the desk, but you know what, that’s exactly why you
should do it. (laughs) – I’m gonna practice. (gulps and exhales) Just like that, I’m just gonna kill it and I’m gonna love it. It might even be good. – Yeah yeah I think it
probably will be good. (chuckles sadly) I wanna believe that it’ll be good. – It’s gonna be dink it,
sink it, slam it, okay? – Dink it, sink it, slam it. – Just slide right down, slide it. Dink it, sink it, slide it. – I can do this.
– Dink it! Sink it! Slide it! (Rhett retches) (crew laughing) – [Crew Member] Oh my– (Link retches) Yes!
– Oh gosh! (Link retches)
(crew clapping) How did you do that? Is that mine? – [Link] My bread! – Hold on, I did that unconsciously. I thought I swallowed it. (laughs) That’s from me? In my heart, I swallowed it. But it’s there! – Uh–
– How did you do that? – Take the pictures off the screen. Let’s not talk about it. – You did it, man! – It slid right down, man. – How did you, I don’t understand. – It stayed in my mouth for a
second and I was like gloomp. – I tried to swallow but it went out. – And then every time I
breathe out, it’s like, a nightmare of taste. – You gotta be the one to make the call. (blowing nose)
Hagfish slime– – (coughs) Gosh. I smelled that when I blew my nose. – Will it–
– I tasted it. – [Rhett] Will it gravy? – [Link] No! (Rhett laughs) – May all your days be slathered in grookies and gream gravy. – (sighs) Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi I’m Danny from Indonesia. And this is a durian ice cream. Will it ice cream? Yes, and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – I like the way you roll! – No.
– Click the top link to watch us try gravy ice
cream in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – [Rhett] We insist that
you grab some of these Mythical bands for your wrist. Collect all five now at Mythical.store and tell us how much you
love them by leaving a review on the product page.

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