Will It Pasta? Taste Test

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  1. Jeannie Mode says:

    Bacon may cause trichinellosis when it contains parasites.
    The International Commission on trichinellosis was in Mexico in 1996.
    Mexico contains the State of Mexico.
    Toluca is the capital of the State of Mexico.
    Toluca is where PT Cruisers are assembled.

  2. Sawyer Williams says:

    Just ate dinner while recovering from the flu and the gagging is not helping

  3. Baisil Sunny says:

    Rip xxxTentacion

  4. Kendra Verrier says:

    They literally said balls like 13 times

  5. Joel Dillon says:

    What a shirt hey

  6. Emma Campbell says:

    "eets nut as strong as eye thought eet wood be"

  7. Esper Reads says:

    Why are y’all like this

  8. Korsha89 says:

    Sorry to comment on an old vid, but is that a classic Undertaker shirt?

  9. AnyWhoAlly says:

    We need Gordon Ramsay as a second opinion here.

  10. Jett Cope says:

    Introducing the flop tart

  11. Sarah Childs says:

    Can you guys please do a "Will It Crayon?"

  12. BRACKKUSama z says:

    They should really make a cook book

  13. Escapingherfate says:

    No woman should eat testicles? My boyfriend disagrees!!!

  14. AgainstNone says:

    Not sure, but I think I drove past your studio the other day 🤔 I saw Stevie get in her car. I wanted to say something but I remembered you guys said you didn’t want fans showing up to the studio so I just said “Hey look, that’s the girl Rhett called a lesbian 2 weeks ago”

  15. Cemetery Creations says:

    Loving that classic Undertaker & Paul Bearer shirt!

  16. Ecko Albino says:

    Good Mythical Meats- must be the name of the shop Rhett and Link's shady unnamed meatman works for

  17. Ella Rose says:


  18. vKaran12 says:

    12:21 moment of truth.

  19. Queen of ❤S says:

    I love Link's T-Shirt because I love The Undertaker and Paul Bearer and WWE

  20. Gokul Nair says:

    Did you know: Ducks are some of the only birds with penises. Most birds have cloacae

  21. YT Genji says:

    5:47 XD

  22. Hattie Thavary Keene-Reinhard says:

    i love them so much😭

  23. Jimmy Irwin says:

    Deedya bite da baawwll

  24. Cyclescene says:

    Link's shirt: Undertaker and his manager

  25. Cameron Quinn says:

    Who all watching all these in 2019?!

  26. Carmen Nera says:

    I love how link was so chill compared to Rhett at first on the duck ball one

  27. Matt says:

    And 50% more likely if you're eating balls.

  28. Matt says:

    Dude you said floppy tart instead of flop tart

  29. Shaggyblondguy says:

    Their meat man is Cotton candy randy

  30. Shaggyblondguy says:

    "Speak for yoself"

  31. Nino Bracci says:

    RIP William Moody.

  32. Frog of Judement says:

    Balls that’s gay

  33. Dabunny Rabbit says:

    Papper, printer ink, pasta…..
    Seems legit.

  34. Garrett Gamez says:

    I love Link's shirt

  35. R.G.A. Club says:

    Goat milk.

  36. Sabrina Qualls says:

    "i like bland foods" (literally seconds before that ) "i was expecting more flavour" wtf link

  37. Mr Blin man says:

    Floppy is good-link 2018

  38. madison machen says:

    Kiss and make purple 😂

  39. Gamer1828 says:

    Why do they eat so many balls

  40. Anaanya Poddar says:

    It felt so werid hearing Rhett saying "let's talk about that " mostly link says it :/

  41. Drinks 101 says:

    1st one, recommended name, “Flop-tart”

  42. LEL0UP says:

    Love the undertaker shirt lol

  43. Jonathan Flores says:

    I would hate to be the person who has to clean their garbage cans filled with ball / nasty throw up lmao

  44. Ethan Greene Vlogs says:

    5:40 – 5:51 “ ooh it’s not as strong as i thought it would be”

  45. Chuck Yanacheak says:

    I need these recipes

  46. Rishabh Kapatkar says:

    I eat Weird Pasta to see it worth it… This is how I crush chips verde pasta

  47. Black_top_king 2 says:

    " I got a big honkin' noodle" 😏😏

  48. G.0.D_P1ZZ44 XD says:

    1:14 not gana lie, it kinda looks good

  49. Izaiah Workman says:


  50. Ruby Harris says:

    Who else is reminded of Elf when they watch the first part with the sugary pop-tart pasta?

  51. Ruby Harris says:

    I love me some delicious extinct animals lol

  52. Myles Irwin says:

    What is what is bad

  53. Jett Wahlmeier says:

    6:27 to 6:32 is the first and last time you’ll ever see Rhett’s teeth

  54. Kevin McRae says:

    Wil it banana bread? Please

  55. demonized King says:

    Wow classic undertaker shirt with Paul bearer

  56. demonized King says:


  57. Dylane Farriyah says:

    Should have called it bollocknase

  58. Jacquelyn Wells says:

    I'm watching in 2019 bru This is TO funny I love this show

  59. MrNiceGamer says:

    Will it cheese cake

  60. Ramenlord says:

    The way Link says “I like the colors” has the Exact same energy as when he says “I like the crunch” during Will It Pizza’s Tea Pizza.

  61. Cari Donatell says:

    I love your shirt, Link!

  62. Fun Sisters says:

    Next you should do will it dorito

  63. Nick Martin says:

    Link's shirt tho 🙌🙌

  64. Adrian says:


    it's not as sTROng as I thought it would be

  65. Mr. ElectricMoon says:


  66. Mike Hunt says:

    1:50 why would you put a pop tart™ in a microwave lol

  67. Jennah Renee says:

    Another good pasta one would be WILL IT ravioli! Like stuffing different things into ravioli and using a sauce to match each one!

  68. Kaitlyn J. says:

    Rhett: you crapped all over the Doritos pasta!
    Link: no I didn't!!
    Rhett: iTs NoT aS sTrONg As i ThOuGhT iT WouLd bE
    😂😂😂 Anyone else binge watching GMM while their on break?

  69. Aden Seay says:

    Will it testical

  70. Austin Shipman says:

    Cool shirt Link

  71. Roman Noodles168 says:

    Omg they did my suggestion!!!!!! Ahhh I'm so happy

  72. justin jordan says:

    Hey link I love the vintage undertaker shirt.

  73. Abigail Despina says:


  74. Abigail Despina says:


  75. Rockas360 says:

    Pasta aren't noodles – yalls being IMPASTA'S

  76. Sammy Ramirez says:

    Lol that undertaker shirt though

  77. Brandon soto says:

    This is going to push everything through like a bulldozer

  78. Mole Pilakkal says:

    “Steal my spaghetti,pop my barretti,no regretti.”

  79. Tao Stone says:

    Will it edible panties?

  80. Simon Olsson says:

    12.23 – best barf in the history of GMM 😂

  81. Elizabeth Wagner says:

    Last pop tart I ate was 12 years ago. Didn't like it that much. Taste changed since I was a kid

  82. Kai Sippel says:

    Link: the green is very good

  83. CrAzE Volt says:

    Link Eat Delicious Doritos- It's not good

    Link eats paper and Rhett Hates It- woah woah woah It's good and have fibers

  84. Mediocre Content says:

    He lives for the crunch of cool ranch

  85. Becca Hanley says:

    oct 2019

  86. tha slump child says:

    “speak for your self” MY LUNGS-

  87. Mr. Alcatraz says:


  88. reese lindsey says:

    Will it lasagna??

  89. Stevens Studios says:

    Ducks also grow a new corkscrew every year.

  90. Autumn Blaze says:

    missed opportunity: flop tart

  91. Queen of ❤S says:

    I ❤️ Link’s shirt because I’m a huge fan of WWE 😜

  92. Staci Ibarra says:

    5:47 XD

  93. Ethan McKinney says:

    It really genuinely bugged me that Link said “floppy tarts” and missed the clear opportunity for “flop tarts”

  94. Kaitlyn J. says:

    Rhett: we just had the most beautiful pasta creation we've ever had, and you crapped all over the Doritos pasta
    Link: no I didn't!
    Rhett: iT's NoT aS StRoNg aS I ThOuGhT iT wOuLd Be

  95. Kim Raudenbush says:

    You guys are nucking futs!

  96. robert wetmore says:

    That’s an epic undertaker and Paul bearer tshirt link is sporting.


    It’s pronounced “cy-yawn” not “ cy-yan”

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