Will It Soup? Taste Test

Today we ask the age old question, – Will it soup?
– Let’s talk about that. ♪(intro music)♪ Good Mythical Morning. We have a very persistent habit of seeing if things “will” on this show. In fact, we have a brand new poster, (Rhett) over at rhettandlink.com/store,
a “Will It?” poster. So check that out
and support internetainment. – Yes.
– But today, we are dealing with everyone’s favorite watery
meal in a bowl: soup. Soup! Well my–
Cereal’s my favorite – but it’s my second favorite is soup.
– It’s not quite as watery, it’s milky. There’s all types of–
Yeah, that’s true. There’s all types of soups out there, but we’ve invented six more, that we’re gonna try out. It’s time to ask, (both) Will It Soup? Okay, soup and salad
is a classic combo, so we thought, why not make
them even more of a combo, by actually combining them? – (Rhett) Cobb salad.
– (both) Will It Soup? Here it is. And that looks like
a floating Cobb salad. And it is cold. We decided to keep it salad-y. – Would you like me to stir?
– Tell me what’s all in here. (Rhett) So you’ve got a blue cheese base. (Rhett) You’ve got lettuce.
You’ve got bacon. (Rhett) You’ve got croutons.
And you also have some egg. But the broth is still chicken broth, as with all the soups
that we are gonna be sampling today. Cause it wouldn’t be soup
without broth. Stir. Stir.
Yeah, oh! I’ve accidentally been, like, putting a little bit
of dressing of my salad, and, like the whole cap
would come off. (blows raspberry)
But then I decide, you know what?
I’mma start over. Don’t think of it as a salad
with a lot of dressing. Think of it as a new soup. Oh, they’ve got some
new soup at this place. (posh voice) You have to go get it. (Rhett) Should I get a piece
of egg or a crouton? (Link) I’m getting a piece
of egg, (Link) And I’m getting a crouton. I’m not a lover of blue cheese, but I’m gonna try
to ignore that. Let’s enjoy, Link. What are we calling it? Cobb Sla-loup? Gobble the cobble. – Or that.
– (Link) Let’s go with yours. Here we go. Oh yeah! It’s so tangy. It’s so wonderful. Oh gosh! But, this right here,
this is the big question mark for me. The wilted lettuce. It’s, like, totally given up. But that’s fancy. It’s like depressed lettuce. Like, who wants to eat
depressed lettuce? Sometimes you go to a place and they wilt the spinach for you. And you’re like,
it seems sad, but it’s fancy at the same time. Sad and fancy. Sa-ncy. – This is really good.
– So you’re loving this. There’s no question mark. I feel like I need to be convinced
a little bit. I think that it’s just
a very rich salad experience, (Rhett) for those who like
it to be very creamy. That’s why I don’t have
a job on The Food Network, because of what I just said. – A really creamy, soggy salad.
– Yeah. – (Link) Will It Soup?
– (Rhett) Yes! (Link) Maybe. Okay, I always like
to follow my bottomless salad soup, with a sweet treat. And today, that’s gonna be
everybody’s favorite sticky swirly treat. – (Link) Cinnamon roll.
– (both) Will It Soup? – (Rhett grunts)
– This sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? No doubt.
I’m getting a bigger spoon for this one. Alright, now we have taken
the chicken broth, and we have added to it cream– – Cheese.
– Cream cheese is also in there. There’s some cinnamon buns – that are puréed as part of that.
– Oh gosh! (Link) And then there’s
actual cinnamon buns plopped in there. – And then some nutmeg.
– With some cinnamon and some nutmeg on top. I really feel like I should stir this too–
– (Link) Yeah. (Rhett) cause you wanna get it–
Oh gosh! I mean, it looks like a splendid vomit. (Rhett) You can call it whatever you want.
I’m gonna love it. You know how, if you look over
the counter of a Cinnabon, there’s a drain, where, like, at the end of the day,
they just hose everything off? I would like my mouth
to just be the drain substitute. Well it’s about to be. (Rhett) Get a big spoonful now. (Rhett) This could also be like
an alien egg, and this is the way
the aliens impregnate all of us. I’ve always wanted to know
what it would feel like to be pregnant with an alien. Yeah, well, here’s your chance. Do alien babies come out through the– – I don’t know.
– (crew laughs) I don’t know, man.
I think they come out the path of least resistance. It might be your butt hole,
it might be somewhere else. I think it’s the chest.
I’m going with the chest. I’m gonna call this Cinna-soup. Alright, here we go.
Dink it. And impregnate it. (crew laughs) Next time you hose down the Cinnabon.
Call me. I’ve never wanted to be
pregnant so bad in my life. – (laughs)
– (Rhett) When aliens show up, they’re gonna be real sweet.
Real nice. (Rhett) We’re all gonna be like,
“They got this amazing soup! (Rhett) “And everybody gets it for free!” And next thing you know, baby aliens are popping out
everybody’s butt holes. They come outta the chest. Either way. It’s bad for us humans. But the question is, Will It Soup? And I think the answer is, – (Link) Yes.
– (Rhett) Yes! Have you ever been hungrily
walking through a dirty city, and thought to yourself,
“Hmm, I’d like to eat, in soup form, “everything that’s under my feet?” Well now you can. – (Rhett) Sidewalk.
– (both) Will It Soup? We’re stretching our creativity here. (Rhett) Now this one has got
some interesting ingredients. (Link) It’s basically anything
that you’re walking down the sidewalk (Link) and then you see. (Rhett) Well, it includes a broth
and chalk base, cause, you know, sidewalk chalk,
that’s a thing. So there’s chalk in this. (Rhett) There’s also chewed up gum, which we have been told
was just hand chewed. So it wasn’t actually–
It didn’t enter anybody’s mouth. I’m a little suspicious, but okay. Weeds from the sidewalk,
specifically dandelion. (Rhett) And, as you can see,
pretty obviously here, danger dog, (Rhett) which is basically a hot dog
wrapped in bacon, that’s been grilled out there. I think the best way to enjoy this, is to to get some of the chalk
and dandelion soupy part, and make sure you get some of the gum.
You might wanna– – I’m gonna half…
– (Rhett) Half a hot dog. (Link) Now, I mean there’s bacon in this, so, I expect it to cover a world of hurt, (Link) cause that’s what bacon does. – Okay, that’s a good bite right there.
– (Link) What are we calling this? (Rhett) How about
a little Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends. And my mouth begins. (both laugh) That’s good. Yeah. Where the sidewalk ends
and my mouth begins. Dink it. And, bring it around the mic. Spearmint gum.
(gags) (crew laughs) I don’t know why,
but it’s nasty. – Really?
– (gags) Dude, this is only round three. Spearmint hot dog
is nasty to me. I can’t even chew it. Oh, come on now. You like it or something? – If my mom sent this in my lunchbox–
– In your thermos? I’d be like, “Okay, I’ll eat it.” Really? Yeah! I don’t know where the gum went,
but I finished the whole thing. (crew laughs) – I mean, my mom–
– (gags) My mom would do that sometimes. – (gags)
– (Rhett) She’d just throw some leftovers, that was in a Tupperware,
that were like seven days old, and I’d open them up and I’d be like,
“I dunno, but my momma made it with love, “so I’m gonna eat it.” Are you yessing this? No, no, I don’t think it actually soups, I’m just saying that I ate it. If you don’t want me to yes it, I won’t. – I mean, I’m not really yessing it.
– You’re your own man. I mean, I don’t like it. – (Link) Will It Soup?
– (both) No. Okay, this next one happens
to already be a soup, and it happens to be
my personal favorite soup, but we’re taking an entirely
different approach to it. – (Link) Hot and sour.
– (Rhett) Will It Soup? Yeah, yeah, this is– oh! – It looks really…
– That looks good. (Link) That is a chicken broth
mixed with sour powder, (Link) and then with
melted Sour Patch Kids, – (Rhett) Oh gosh!
– (Link) And then some hot sauces added. Sriracha, Cholula, Frank’s, and Tabasco. It doesn’t have a lot of visual appeal.
I’ll just start there. I’m afraid of this. (Rhett) Since it’s already a soup,
I think we just have to call it hotter and sourer soup. (Rhett) This is the spoon
that I have created for myself. It has a thing on it.
And some other stuff on it. (Link impersonating Rhett) It has a thing on it. Let’s enjoy it. Let’s enjoy. Dink it. I’m not particularly enjoying it. It’s not horrific. All the hot–
It’s spicy, man! I’m gonna make an argument here, first seven seconds is kinda,
“Hey, wake up, I’m soup!” And then it’s like,
“Hey, but it’s also fun-time.” I don’t need a, wake up it’s soup time. This is a breakfast soup. Link, you’re not gonna win
on this one, man. You don’t like it?
That’s fine. You’re your own man. I hate it. – (Link) Will It Soup?
– (both) No. Okay, so we’ve sampled
the cuisine of the Far East, now it’s time to go down under,
to the great commonwealth of criminals we call, Australia. – (Rhett) The Outback.
– (both) Will It Soup? – Oh! Eugh!
– Look at that. Yeah, yeah, okay.
So, as you can see, what’s happening here is,
we’ve got The Outback, (Rhett) as in Australia,
but we also have The Outback, as in the restaurant,
where we, in America, eat Australian food, that’s probably not really Australian. (Rhett) So that explains the blooming onion, (Rhett) that is framing this,
like a crazy Australian wreath. (Rhett) Now what’s in here
has a Vegemite base along with the broth. – (Link) Oh gosh! Eugh!
– (Rhett) And, of course, there’s a little shrimp, off of the barbie, and into the soup. And then we’ve got, yes, Link,
that is kangaroo meat. What is this? Oh! (Link) That’s a Vegemite ball. (Rhett) Oh gosh, guys! No one, in any country, any continent, in any place,
under or over, cooks a soup with Vegemite
in it, I bet. I could be wrong,
let us know in the comments. But– So how are we gonna do this? Prime a little blooming onion like this.
Just prime it. And let’s just taste that.
This is– That is not horrible. – No.
– It’s not good, but it’s not horrible. Blooming onion really helped. The soup part of that
was really bad though. ♪ I come from a soup down under. ♪ – Alright, I gotta get pumped up for this.
– Eugh! We need a piece of kangaroo meat that’s– I found a manageable size of kangaroo. Get that piece right there.
Right there. Alright, so I’ve got Vegemite,
shrimp, kangaroo. Now listen, are you committed to this? I don’t think this is gonna be that bad. Is you playing mind tricks on yourself? On myself, yeah. – Okay.
– Alright, dink it. – Eugh!
– (crew laughs) (shouts) Vegemite! (strained voice) The Vegemite is so bad. Why do y’all like it? It’s so weird. Something’s wrong with y’all! Your toilets go the wrong way,
and your brains are backwards. – But we love you, Australia.
– We do, we love you. – (crew laughs)
– Thanks for watching, Australians. Eugh! Gosh! (Link) I don’t know if I’m gonna
get this kangaroo concoction down. You got to the Vegemite, though. The Vegemite–
Vegemite is a mistake. And I think it literally is a mistake,
isn’t it? It’s like leftover stuff, after they
make gasoline of something. (strained voice) Yes. Alright,
I got it down. It’s an extract. Crocodile Dun-did it. (Rhett) Oh gosh! I think the problem with this
is the Vegemite. I mean, if you just had
a kangaroo and shrimp stew, that seems like a good idea. – That wasn’t our idea, though.
– Vegemite has adulterated it– – Yeah.
– In a very bad way. – (Rhett) Will It Soup?
– (both) No! Alright, and finally,
for the Soup de Grâce, there’s really no good way
to set this up, so we’ll just tell you. – (Link) Pig anus.
Will It Soup? (shouts) Oh! (shouts) Oh! The smell! I don’t smell it over here.
It hasn’t gotten over here. Get your face in the area. Get your face in the area of the pig anus. (gags) Why does it have to smell like an anus? It looks coagulated. (Link) Now there is–
There’s floating pig bunghole in there. – Eugh! I got some.
– Oh! It’s a tube! – (Link) The anus is long.
– Stick your finger through that. Like a pinky ring? – (Rhett) Stick your pinky in there.
– (Link) It’s hot! (shouts) Ow! It’s burning
the heck outta my finger! (screams) (laughs) I gotta blow on this pig anus
for a second. – (Rhett) Oh gosh!
– Cool it down. Blow it like a flute.
See if it’ll make a noise. You’ve got a bunch of great ideas today. – (crew laughs)
– I’m gonna do all of them. (Rhett) You haven’t said–
(laughs) – You haven’t said no to any–
– (imitates musical note) It’s like a kazoo, you gotta hum. – (hums)
– (Rhett laughs) Okay, let’s stop and take stock of this. You stick your finger in it. (Rhett) I mean– (laughs) (Rhett) Let go. Release. Eugh!
(makes disgusted sounds) (Rhett) You okay? I tasted it once it was removed. If your mouth tastes
like my finger smells right now… (both laugh) This is gonna be a long day, man. – You’re not gonna find out.
– Eugh! What are we pl– What are you planning
on us doing later? We could sell this, though, (Rhett) we could call it bung bisque. I don’t think any amount of marketing is gonna get this one across the table. (Rhett) How much anus do we need? (Link) Well here’s a nice tube. This stuff was just simmered
in chicken broth. So it’s basically just
anus and broth. We’re not tasting any seasonings,
we got– We gotta eat it straight. Here we go. Ready? Just kiss it, a little bit? – Just to get the idea of the–
– (crew laughs) (laughs) I mean, just to know
the temperature. Just kiss a little bit,
just to get an idea. – Here we go.
– In my mouth. – (gags)
– (grunts) Nuh uh! – (grunts) Nuh uh!
– Give me a napkin to– I need to wipe myself. I need to wipe pig anus. Nuh uh. It tastes like I knew it would. Have you chewed it?
Honky honky? (grunts a negative) We gotta honka, honka. I’m gonna try to swallow
just the juices around it. Yeah, me too.
Three, two, one. (high whine) (gruff voice) Eugh! Penis. It’s not a penis, man. (Link and crew laugh) You just said penis. (laughs) No! But, the way you did it,
was you went, (seductive voice) Penis. – (Link and crew laugh)
– (Rhett) Just saying, man! – That’s what just happened.
– (laughs) No, no, no! I said pig anus, which is a painus. – Yeah, I get it.
– (Link) Pain-us. It’s a combo word. Like P-A-I-N-U-S. You arrived at the same word
from a different way. – (Rhett) I understand.
– (gags) I can’t get through it.
I might have to swallow it whole. No, don’t do that. If we don’t get this anus down– – We’re losers.
– We can’t– We’re losers. We’re losers, man. – We suck.
– Man! – (laughs)
– Victory. That’s what we’re gonna do in a minute. (grunts) Yeah, I’m ready. You ready? I’m slowly getting it down, man. It’s just piece by piece. I’m just gonna swallow it.
You ready? Three, two… (gags) (crew make disgusted sounds) (both yell) – (shouts) Ah, yeah!
– (shouts) We did it! (shouts) We downed the anus! – Eugh!
– (Link) Yeah! Well I think that’s a great way to end it. (laughs) Little pun there. – (Link) Will It Soup?
– (both) No. Alright. Thanks for liking, commenting
and subscribing. You know what time it is. – I’m Harry.
– I’m Susan. (both) We just met,
and we’re both Mythical Beasts. (Both) It’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Go pick up a all-new ‘Will It?’ poster, (Rhett) over at rhettandlink.com/store. And make sure you check out
tomorrow morning’s episode of Good Mythical Crew. Every Saturday morning,
on this channel, Good Mythical Crew. Also, click through to
Good Mythical More, where some of the Good Mythical Crew are gonna sample Vegemite
for the first time. Raw, unadulterated reactions. Beatboxing sloths. (both rap slow beat) (high inhale sound) (laughs) (imitates cymbal) [Captioned by Jack:
GMM Captioning Team]

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