World’s LARGEST Pizza Slice Challenge

What’s up everybody? Furious Pete coming at you guys with another challenge we’re in New York City outside a place called Pizza Barn Uhh- It’s in the city, or outside of New York city called an area called Yonkers… and inside they have the world’s biggest slice of pizza. I’m super excited about this I saw so much stuff on Google and I’ve been meaning to come here…. and it’s been a while since I traveled but we gotta do it. The world’ s biggest slice of pizza let’s See what it’s all about. Alright, so the pizza slice is here It is massive, like it is Look at me… look at the pizza slice This is- this is just gigantic Huge, huge, huge And we’re about to take it down an-and Enjoy it here. I’m excited for this… I’m excited for this. We’re just gonna- we’re going to enjoy this I feel like we are, I hope we are So, lets do it. Alright Oh yeah. Hot. Gotta let it cool I feel like I really need to let it cool for a bit and then get back at it cause this is just burning me We’re gonna let it cool another three, four minutes, then we’re gonna tackle it Alright, I can’t wait any longer I waited just a few minutes but I’m just super hungry So, lets uh lets get to it. Let’s start with this guy This is so much fun World’s largest pizza slice at Pizza Barn They’re actually extremely nice inside, they actually hooked me up Normally, it’s twenty bucks, for one topping. Normal cheese pizzas about 1 dollar For that slice It’s equivalent to like… I would say like a large pizza or so, maybe a little bit bigger Not really sure- not really sure. It was very… satisfying- I feel very satisfied right now. Uh, it wasn’t like Oh my god Killed me Whatever but it was It was, a very tasty pizza New York style Um, every time- I’ve been coming to New York City for the past ten years and, New York City has The kind of pizza that’s just very very unique Um It’s kinda windy here, so I don’t even know if you guys can hear me right now, but it was- it was tasty They were really nice, they hooked me up with a slice afterwards. I didn’t even know why, but I appreciated that Um And, uh Overall it was cool the world’s largest slice of Pizza I Definitely Didn’t Prepare Enough because it Was you know it’s little dry in Some Areas very Good slice Just a little dry in some areas and my jaw really sore pretty quickly, or it’s just I’m not used to doing this Stuff But Nevertheless Is very Tasty Just need a little bit more Liquid to Probably get Down Faster but I wasn’t really trying to go for speed here Nah-nah-nah, yeah I wasn’t trying to go for speed I was trying to enjoy it, trying to enjoy a slice in New York City Hopefully you guys enjoyed the video If you did, give it a thumbs up, check out all my links in the description below, grab yourself some furious apparel As always my friends, you guys stay sexy, stay hungry, get gains and get laid. Boom!

100 comments on “World’s LARGEST Pizza Slice Challenge”

  1. Furious Pete says:

    That diet snapple tho

  2. Divinest Beats says:

    Why Americans are obesed

  3. Queen Bee says:

    Ain't you gonna share with me ;(

  4. Dawn Stockton says:

    Your lucky you not the world's largest man

  5. Jacob N says:

    What’s funny is that i live in Yonkers and I walk by that shit every other day

  6. Mr. Guy says:

    ez challenge. Any food you love is ez.

    I'd eaten a 5 pound burrito, and 3 22'inch pizzas before as a challenge.

  7. Martez Mcclatchey says:

    Now I’m hungry

  8. Mohammed AlAwadhi says:

    Now you just made mart hangry

  9. Godly It’s Lucas says:


  10. love you says:

    i never get it how people don't eat the crunchiest part of the pizza. pathetic.

  11. Chrislady Rosario says:

    Wow now I'm hungry for pizza

  12. MnMs002 says:

    that pizza is soggy…Thanks but NO thanks…

  13. Brooklyn Boyce says:

    Your making my mouth water 🤤🍕

  14. Michal Klempar says:

    Come to Sheffield

  15. the cheat says:

    this is like a breakfast lunch & dinner all @ 1ce in the same time

  16. the cheat says:

    sounds like spongebob music though 😂

  17. Fresh says:

    I would never enjoy eating the biggest pizza infront of people that look at you like a creep. I would rather eat that alone at home when nobody is looking at you like a weirdo

  18. Dead_Afro says:

    Looking soggy

  19. Sherlyl Allen says:

    Pete there’s a hole in my stomach that can’t be filled so idk 😐 how I took so long to eat dat pizza bruh 😭😭👀

  20. Sherlyl Allen says:

    😐nvm I didn’t even watch the vid before I commented bad habits sorry

  21. Jimena Hernandez says:

    I live close to that place it’s in Yonkers ny you just walk 10 minutes and you see my house

  22. Astrit Gaming says:

    When mom says "You can only eat 1 slice of pizaa"

  23. cinema films says:

    Pete I am so jelles from you see eat that tasty 😝 pizza 😡 but got a challenge from can you eat a bread in 5 minutes without drinking any thing and not just any normal bread the world largest largest bread and that the challenge bro

  24. Johnny Ponce says:

    Bruhhhh I’m starving rn and I want pizza from that place

  25. Dylan Mason says:

    One bite. Everybody knows the rules

  26. Chucky StopMotions says:

    Omg i was watching this when i was getting this pizza i live in Yonkers

  27. David Heller says:

    300 dollar pizza?

  28. David Heller says:

    20 bucks 1topping 🍕?

  29. Akash3d says:

    I think Americans are adapted to eating high amount of sat. Fats, salt, sugar etc. A normal guy will start feeling bloated

  30. Gavin The Guitarist says:

    Fuck now I’m hungry

  31. Scott Muas says:

    Damn son, how the hell are you even supposed to eat damn much? 😂😂😂

  32. Book of shadows contributor Brian says:

    U still like pizza?

  33. Tracy Ann Jalique says:

    Dude! How'd you eat ALL of that pizza and not vomit!! And you keep such a good figure! I literally could not eat one of those slices only about 1/2 a slice!! Wow!

  34. supersonicisover9000 /Keegan wolf longclaws says:

    Man this pizza slice your eating makes me want to eat all of it

  35. King Hamza says:

    He’s so lucky


    No its not dream in youer dreams 😤

  37. Malik Skopljak says:


  38. Skyrim Load orders & More says:

    he. left. the. FUCKING. CRUST

  39. Tatiana Donovan says:

    Was it good? That pizza didn’t look very crispy 😭😭

  40. Aisha Ali says:

    The thumbnail looks so good the pizza is so cheesy so good

  41. rObOr-84 says:


  42. X IMTH3PR3D4T0RX says:

    Ma che cazz* metti la canzone Italiana questa pizza non è Italiana questa pizza e merd*

  43. Anan 8753 says:

    Pizza time.

  44. Fenrir - Gaming says:

    I dont know how you do that you do not become fat, or other people whos eating much like you. Do you throw up after you eat? or do you do exercise then after you eat?

  45. Das Wunder says:

    I ordered a pizza too right now… 😝

  46. Emily Cortez says:

    why they playing zelda ocarina of time music in the background

  47. PIZZA KING9462 says:

    OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG. I just wanna knock pete out to steal and eat that whole pizza

  48. subscribe to me for no reason says:

    Doctor: how many pizzas did you eat for dinner??
    Man: I only Ate one slice of pizza
    Doctor: good!

  49. PUJA Ray says:

    Bruh that's nothing to me I can have both of those slices and then have 2 extra large cheess burst pizza

  50. Gamer john says:

    Me: I want pizza now Mom where's your credit card

  51. galaxygamer 773 says:

    I am going to go to America just for the food they have there

  52. galaxygamer 773 says:

    Mum: you can have something if the menus but not to big

    Me: can I get the mega slice ( it's a small slice😎

    1slice later🤢 mum: you have to Finnish for ice cream

  53. Chucho Macias says:

    Every bite he took was just so mouth watering and satisfying 🤤

  54. ana rose fornis says:

    I want pizza for real

  55. KT7rocks •_• Jr says:

    Why am I watching you eat a giant pizza slice when I know that I’m gonna get hungry watching

  56. Miss Juggalette says:

    You are my type of guy

  57. Jovan Krstic says:

    So you are on diet too huh?

  58. Florian Loer says:


  59. Ultimate Spiderman Web shooter 1 says:

    You doing great bro

  60. ArZeusRd says:

    🔴Red alert: Diarrhea is coming🔴

  61. Antonio Gaming says:

    Why did he pat that pizza slice with a napkin?😂

  62. Comstance Jemkins says:

    Hell Yeah.!!! Yooooooooou Rock

  63. Edwin Bitsoe says:

    Man, That 🍕 Looks Delicious…….. The ONLY ITEM MISSING is an LARGE ICE-COLD Glass of BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. BZL tukang jajan says:

    Good food

  65. Tanisha Moore says:

    Now I want some pepperoni pizza 🤤🤤

  66. Danny Baloney says:

    I can eat that easily. And I’m only 12

  67. Ken Morrison says:

    Sorry,in San Antonio, TX. their is a Pizza place, that has a slightly larger slice, it's 32 inches, named "Big Lou's Pizza"

  68. coachrgb says:

    Just for the record, Yonkers is NOT New York City.

  69. marsh_mellow king says:

    Tbh diet Snapple’s are actually good

  70. Hemant Patel says:

    i am hungry 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

  71. find_ a_username says:

    in my country we eat that for breakfast

  72. Tim S. says:

    Very nicely done.

  73. ة rhbryusheyjsy7 says:


  74. CloroxBallz says:

    That’s easy

  75. Luis Gjecaj says:

    Te met ne fyt

  76. Patrick Sir says:

    No dip

  77. lps szív14 says:

    I like pizza.i very likes 🍕.

  78. Mario garisa says:

    Now he's making me i what to eat pizza *STOP*it😭😖🍕

  79. Ivan Beritti says:

    You go in italy in italy is pizza veri good no pizza with ananas

  80. Eitan Salamov says:

    How much calories in the pizza

  81. Lag Now says:

    Did you enjoy eating Pizza hope so not so heavy for you

  82. Nicole Murray says:

    Honestly, the best way to eat the crust is probably to soak it in the excess oil, and then roll some of the cheese around it

  83. Pasquale Campana says:

    come to naples and taste the italian culture mamma mia

  84. Priyansh Biswas CR7 says:

    Where is my pizza!?

  85. Beáta Breining says:

    I'm hungry!!!

  86. Patritive says:

    when i watch you eating i just want that fooooodddddddddddddddddddddd 🙁

  87. 650Giantsfan says:

    I've seen videos of people doing these crazy food challenges that are big in portion, and are drinking a diet beverage 😄😄😄.

  88. Sun Shine says:

    Yum 😋

  89. Ifyounowatimean says:

    Old video I know, but reminds me of when I ate a 42 inch pizza to myself.

  90. Lorenzo says:

    and you call this pizza ahahahah

  91. Shroutzy says:

    Bro u didn’t eat the crust!!!!

  92. Mohamed Maged says:

    3:23 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  93. Elvis Seferovic says:

    You are fat and fat

  94. XxSupremeJxX -Fortnite & fifa says:

    I live in Yonkers wow I didn’t even see you and I live on south broadway which is right next to McLean which is on the street of pizza barn

  95. melissa kwo says:


  96. Mr Comment says:

    Hi Furious Pete my name is Clinton
    I watch alot of your videos and challenges I think your great. I also love to eat but never challenged myself or did a challenge against anyone but I think I can do it and take the win. Anyway just wanted to tell you that I'm a BIG FAN aswell keep up the good eats

  97. GOPRO MOUNTAIN Bike says:

    I like working out 💪🏻 and stuff and just eat the large steak 🥩 and pizza 🍕

  98. Eduardo Alfaro says:

    Im druling

  99. Kyle Carbon says:

    Why are you wiping of the grease its the best part of that kind of pizza

  100. Bekhruz Mamarizaev says:


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