Would You Chew USED Gum? | Eat It or Wear It Challenge #2

[YELLING] [MUSIC PLAYING] They’re going to put something
disgusting in front of us, and we have to decide if we’re
going to it eat it, or get it dumped on us. Yeah, that’s the premise. This is going to be a great. Can’t wait. Sugary, just cereal
marshmallows are delicious, but what if they’re
is spoiled milk? Will our contestants
eat it, or wear it? Just marshmallow cereal,
this is a no brain-er. Who’s going to wear this? All right. I’ll eat all these right now. Wait. Of course. What’s the current date, Jamie? April, sixth. This expired 2/14/2018. Oh,dude. Oh, it’s kind of clumpy! It’s like cottage cheese. Ew, it does look
like cottage cheese. So do we have to drink the milk,
or just eat it with the cereal? You have to eat the cereal. Oh, I can do that. I think I’m eating it, guys. I’m not eating this. You’re wearing it? You’re wearing that? It’s two months old milk! [LAUGHING] I’m not scared. Me neither. Cheers. Cheers. This tastes like water. I really don’t
think it’s that bad. Oh, there’s so
much curdled milk! I just don’t want
to think about it. My hand’s shaking! Yeah it is! Ugh. I think I made the right
decision to wear this. It’s straight up baby vomit. That’s exactly what
it tastes like. I’m done. Wow! All right. Well I think somebody
has to pour this on me. You finished first,
so go for it. Whoa! Yeah, doesn’t smell
that bad, so I think I made the right choice. I feel chunks, like
in my mouth still. The savory bacon gumball,
a smoky, chewy treat, but what if it’s been chewed? Would you eat it, or wear it? Bacon gumballs! I have a feeling
there’s a twist. This is table side
bacon gumballs. Oh no. Have you ever had like,
guacamole where they make it table side? Well, were going
to do that here. Why are you eating crackers? Because I’m hungry! Ew! What are you going to do? For the lady. No! [GROANING] He’s chewing it. Make sure it’s all good to go. Ew. Ew! And for you, sir. Oh, I’ve never wanted to
be farther away from you. Oh! [YELLING] It would seem like, obvious
that we should just wear this. Do you want gum in your hair? Yeah, I think I’d rather cut
my hair out to get that out than eat that. You don’t don’t want
to make out with Eric? That’s kind of
what you’re saying. You’re going to bring
his spit in to your mouth and chew it around,
and swirl it around? I don’t want to risk
having to cut my hair. It’s already kind of short. I’m chewing it. I’m changing my mind, I
think I’m going to eat it. You’re taking the
least juicy one. [LAUGHING] I’m eating it! Ugh, you guys are so gross. I can’t believe I’m doing this. Ew! There’s so many Saltines. I just swallowed the
juice that was in there, so I’m now taking Eric’s
fluids in to my body. My body is synthesizing. Why are you saying it like that? Absorbing. No. Tonight’s bacon flavor. Oh you’re just like, you
sucked all the juices off. Eric, would you like my gum? No! Oh my god! [YELLING] Now I can spit it in
Kelsey’s hair for you. [YELLING] Does that count? Oh, I felt it rip. I’m going to kind
of wrap it up here, like you would a curling iron. Oh, this is fun guys. This was classy. This has been nasty. A cup that can slush any
sweet drink, yes please. But a slushed helping of juice
that smells like rotting flesh? Eat it, or wear it? [YELLING] Oh no. Ladies and gentlemen, we
have a fresh slushed– Oh! What is that? Durian fruit. Has the smell of rotting
flesh, but a delicious fruit aftertaste. Enjoy. Oh! That one of the worst
smelling things, ever. Anything that
smells this bad has got to be bad for you, right? I’ve never said no to slushy,
so I’m tempted to try it. I’m going to try a nibble. Three, two, one. It’s not that bad. Maybe, I don’t know if I
took a big enough bite. What planet are you from? The flavor is not bad
once the smell goes away. Stinky, but ice cream. Butt ice cream. Joey just put a big piece
of butt in his mouth. Holy crap. All right, that’s it. Nailed it. I did not think about
how cold the slushy on me was going to be. I think down the
shirt’s appropriate. No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no. That could be really bad. Oh, hang on. There’s a big clump in the top. Oh! Here, wait. Oh. Oh, there you go. Oh, thanks. I’m a poop ice cream cone. [LAUGHING] Freeze dried larva dusted with
seasoning is enough of a dare however, how would you feel if
it was mixed with corn mold? Eat it, or wear it in a diaper? Oh no. I’m telling you right
now, I’m wearing this. What? What are you talking about? The larvettes? These taste good, actually. This is an experience dish. You will be enjoying
your larvettes with– Oh! Ew! Ew. Oh my god. –corn mold. Corn mold? And this is also the
diaper challenge. If you choose not to eat it,
you have to wear it in a diaper. Mm. Make your decision wisely. Oh! Guys, I’m straight eating that. What? You’re eating that? You’re going to wear
that on your junk? [LAUGHING] I’m eating it. I think I’m going to wear it. OK, if the lady and this
gentleman will excuse themselves to go put on your
diaper, and Jamie, yum,yum,yum, yum, yum, yum. I guess we’ll go put these on. [GROANING] Find a happy place. Ew. Oh! There’s a hair in in his mouth. He’s fighting back the
puke too much, he can’t– Oh! It’s the texture. That is so unappetizing. Like the thickest snot
you’ve ever eaten. Ha ha. What I like to do is just
shut down while I eat it. That’s the only way I can keep
from sort of throwing it up. He is going to spew. Ew! No! [YELLING] Man. [BURPS] Oh, no. Burps are not a good sign. Last one. OK. Please don’t barf it up. Get it done. Ew! [YELLING] Sir, you’re all done? Yeah. Take that out of your way. Please do. All right, if the lady and
gentleman will now stand up and put it down their diapers. This is like, literally the
weirdest thing I’ve ever done. This is easily the weirdest. This is– Aw. This is do bizarre. Oh no. It’s so cold, I don’t
know if I got it all. Yep, it’s in there. Ah! It’s cold, right? It stinks! Hey guys, take a seat guys,
and let it really kind of– OK. Aw! That’s the weirdest
thing I’ve ever done. Yep. Eat it, or wear it sight unseen. It’s time for the
blind pick around. So I have concocted
something very special, but you must choose to eat
or wear it to sight unseen. You don’t even get to smell it. So based on what you think
I would make for you, would you eat it, or wear it? I don’t know what to
expect, it’s Eric after all. I’m going to eat Eric’s dish. I’m going to wear it. I’m going to wear it. I’ve already had his spit, so. Oh, thank you. You’ve chosen to wear it, Jamie
you have chosen to eat it. Congratulations, it’s fudge. Oh. Oh! Wait, what did you
do to the fudge? Nothing! He did something to the fudge. It’s not just fudge. It’s not just fudge. It does smell just like
our drinking fudge. Dang it. I don’t mind if I do! Now I get to pour fudge
all over you guys,so. You would normally mix this into
probably three gallons of milk, but I can handle
that amount of sugar. Very good sir, very good. Now these two bodies
are your canvas. Mm. Trying to spread it
around a little bit. Let’s mix it in with
that gum down there. Yes, yes, yes, yes. And a Jackson Pollock
it a little bit. That felt like a
really cold tongue. Oh, it’s in my eye. I’m sorry, Joe. It’s so hard to
reach over there. All right. Just kind of– OK. There’s more! There’s more. It looks like you have
poop on your face. You said you wanted to
kind of eat some of it. There you go. Feel like you had a little
too much fun with that. So we did a little eating. We did a little wearing. I stayed pretty clean the whole
time, up until the last round. I’m happy with my choices. I ended so strong that it
made the whole thing worth it. And you guys looking so
uncomfortable in that fudge. I feel like I won. Watching you eat those
bugs, I don’t agree but– Whatever. I had a cup of fudge. Check out the full collection
of delicious and crazy foods and shop hundreds more
gifts at vat19.com. And how was it? What’s the way to do
this without like– Exposing ourselves? Yeah! [LAUGHING] [BURP] Oh, you guys. They thought they got me? Mm. Done. Made the right choice. Vat9.com.

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