Yokocho Japanese Food Court – Yakiniku/Grill At Baclaran – UNLI Shrimp, Takoyaki, Gyoza and Maki

Thank you very much We’re here in Baclaran and we’re going to Yokocho Let’s go These are all that you can grill They have salmon If you like salmon and my favorite They have a lot of shrimp tons of shrimps it’s unlimited you can get as much as you want the chicken has flavor this is plain chicken this is pork sliced pork bacon sliced pork pork again beef Let’s start with the vegetables It’s now cooked, now we’re going to eat pork lettuce meat sauce and another sauce one more let’s try to use cheese as our dip lettuce meat and cheese wow It’s mine Yummy! Good day We’re here at Yokocho they’re more on Japanese but it’s a variety It has different stalls where we ate earlier is Yakiniko Yakiniko 399 per person there’s no time limit unli buffet there’s no service charge no service charge Unli Yakiniko mix on — more on grilling there are vegetables hotdogs 2 kinds of hotdog chicken dog and the usual hotdog meats they have three kinds of meat chicken, pork, beef and they also have seafood like shrimps and salmon shrimp and salmon her favorite, shrimp it’s unlimited but they have no — tempura that we saw on their website it’s not included, as of now — I’m not sure in the future They have indicated it’s not available not available but right now, they have an ongoing unli takoyaki unli maki and unli gyoza The only thing I can say it’s not their special — unli takoyaki is not a specialty don’t just expect too much For 399, it’s good and the place is accessible it’s in Baclaran in the middle near MOA After going to church you can eat here with your family after church, or shopping, you know Filipinos it’s worth it as of now — wait there’s unli cheese this is like the next level of what we’ve tried before they have unli cheese for the meat, beef, pork, you can dip that on the cheese the taste is different I didn’t eat much samgyeupsal now the one that you wrap that’s korean, this is Yakiniko It’s Korean It’s a different level if there’s unlicheese they have unlicheese here it’s included on the package we are on our outfit it’s free but a lot has tried it already there — I like the sounds posing What else can you say about the food? They have drinks Red iced tea and water I was not able to drink water but then — If you’re looking for Korean style, it’s not because it’s Japanese From the word Yokocho, it’s Japanese So don’t expect Korean dishes but they have Kimchi yes, there’s Kimchi But if you’re looking for Korean with a lot of side dishes japchae it’s not here More on Yakiniko The meat is a winner Flavored meat We’ve tried some for 450 600 with just beef This one offers a lot Super thumbs up budget meal and then — for the ambiance, it’s nice feels like you’re really in Japan Japanese It’s nice There are unbrellas up here we’re lucky to be here because there’s not a lot of customer It’s very nice It’s not crowded not sure if it’s Wednesday, Baclaran day or Sunday Weekends maybe a lot comes here during then Time check 4 o’clock 4 o’clock We arrived here at 1:30 there’s not much people Go here during weekdays afternoon or lunch I’m not sure if there’s waiting I think there is But here in Victory Food court, I don’t know how many floor it is but I think 3rd and 4th floor are more on food court The cameraman is tired they have food above they have shabu shabu upstairs In the middle Yakiniko Relax Game On this floor on the third floor they have Yakiniko stalls sushi maki ala carte they also have Japanese dessert area Japanese style That’s their dessert area that’s different it’s not included on the buffet What you saw on the video are what’s included on the buffet the one we showed you that’s for 399 399 budget meal cheese is unlimited too you can dip as much as you want you can ask for refill also the takoyaki takoyaki, maki gyoza it’s unlimited bye guys thank you for watching see you next time Nothing else? Are you good? And there’s that? Here’s, again, Domo Domo Domo

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