YOSHITOMO x HAKKOKU: Legendary Tokyo Sushi Chef serves a special Omakase in Omaha, Nebraska

What’s up guys and welcome to a very
special episode of Glorious Gluttony. I’m in Omaha Nebraska and we’re going to
attend a very special collaboration dinner between Hiro Sato all the way
from Tokyo and he’s going to be doing a very special omakase dinner service at
Yoshitomo here in Omaha Nebraska. It’s been a while since I’ve published a video. I’ve been a little bit busy, but I hope to start pumping out some more content
for you guys. so hope when you enjoy and So, hope you enjoy and make sure to hit that like button! Sato-san is really well-known chef in Ginza. His restaurant is…. …very hard to get into… …very exclusive and so you know we’re
very fortunate for him to spend time away from the restaurant making sushi for us. I think Sato may be the first Ginza chef to come to the Midwest and cook so… …this is a first! Sato is kind of known for his
sourcing of ingredients… from the Toyosu fish market. All chefs can go to the market… but all chefs don’t have access to the same product. Sato is known for his relationships with the vendors… …which allows him to get better
product so tonight we’re going to have during our tuna course…
Yamayuki Group Tuna which is headed by Yamaguchi-san who is known as the “God of Tuna.” Chef Sato hand carried a large bin a fish
sourced directly from Toyosu market in Tokyo on to his flight just for this
special event. We start off with Chef Sato’s famous tossaki roll. This is the meat that comes from the base of the bluefin tuna’s neck and it’s served in hand roll with wasabi and soy sauce. Summer time is peak shellfish season so the menu is full of delicious items like abalone, squid, clams, and shrimp. One of the pleasant surprises of this
meal was chef David’s foie gras rice the The saltiness and the creaminess of the duck liver goes so well with the sushi rice. Another highlight was the famous Yamayuki tuna. It’s a rare opportunity to be able to eat such a delicacy here in the Midwest… …so I’m very glad that chef Sato could share this with us. Here’s something you don’t see often: A
traditional sushi chef searing fish… with a blowtorch! Although not traditional, the extra fatty seared Nodoguro was incredible! Chef David really surprised a lot of
people by getting Hiro Sato to travel to Omaha for this dinner. Chef David is doing something really special here in Omaha… …and he truly knows what an amazing sushi experience should feel like. A restaurant serving an authentic omakase out here in the Midwest has got to be a… …a hidden gem! I’m really glad I had a chance to attend such an amazing event!

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    Sato is absolutely brilliant

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