Yuna Lee, How to make Korean Ramen [라면]

Hey guys! It’s Yuna Today we’re going to be making Ramen The ingredients you will need will be ramen green onion egg and water And this is going to be a very simple and easy way to make it delicious So let’s get started!! First we need to boil our water and so on the package right here it says we need five hundred and fifty milliliters of water and so one full bottle of water here is about 500 milliliters and so this is about 50 which adds up to 550 now we’re going to boil this and your water doesn’t have to be exact measurement you can have some more or less Now we’re going to boil this Now while our water is boiling I’m going to take my onion and cut it up beforehand before we put it into our water and you could cut it up however you want Now in this bowl here I’m going to crack my egg and mix it together but we’re not going to mix it completely so just mix it so that the yolk gets broken now our water is boiling so I’m going to take the lid off Now I’m going to grab my ramen and open it up and there should be two spices so I’m going to put them in first We have added the soup powders first because that will help the water boil faster and better So now we’re going to add the ramen noodles in Now I’m going to just grab it and kind of take it apart Now I’m going to put the green onion in Now I’m going to transfer just the ramen noodles into this bowl Now I’m going to add the egg Now I’m going to turn the heat off and pour this into here Like that Here’s my ramen and it is best if you have it right after you cook it and of course I like to have it with some kimchi and if you want to learn how to make that click the video if that pops up right here at the end of this video now you can also have your ramen with any spices or anything else you want Thank you guys so much for watching Bye!

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